Zubits – The utility shoe lace

It may not be that much of a time-consuming task, but still it’s a hectic one. Tying and untying your laces in the morning when you’re already late or standing there in the middle of the pathway, tying them again after they accidentally got untied. zubit 2Or even after you come home and need to remove your shoes. This is what inspired Zubits, magnetized shoe closure that replace the usual bows.zubits 4

Threaded through the laces of an existing set of shoes, initially, Zubits can then be knotted off to keep them from coming unthreaded, you cut the excess and then forget forever that you have to tie laces of the shoes you’re wearing. The Zubits can be snapped together to close up the show and pulled apart, when your have to take your shoes off.zubits 3

According to the video, the Zubits stay well fastened, when the shoes are in use, and can be snapped open by stepping on the heel of one shoe with other and pulling your foot up, the way people usually do with regular laced shoes after coming home tired and are too lazy to untie them.zubits

The designers have already met their target funding goal, based in San Francisco, they are expected to start production soon. If all goes to plan, a pair of Zubits with be available for ordering for a US $20 pledge.

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