Sleep Safe; Pentagon will Tackle Zombie Apocalypse

It may come as a surprise for many but alas this is ridiculously true that Pentagon official have deduced an unclassified document known as Conplan 8888, or more specifically the “Counter-Zombie Dominance” plan.

Zombie 1

It is not just a survival guide but for the public but a properly executed five year military strategy that will be out into action after the Zombies break out against the Pentagon perhaps. Surprised yet? There’s more it to for those who think of it as a hoax, it is a 37 page long document starting with the line, “This plan was not actually designed as a joke.”


So according to the officials who went through a relentless effort indeed to come up with Conplan 8888, it explains the different types of zombies that US military might come into contact with in case of an outbreak-likewise they need to be alert and fully prepared in case these zombies plan on taking over the world. Starting with the traditional pathogenic zombies (PZs), carriers of the disease, to secretive evil magic zombies (EMZs) and non-threatening vegetarian zombies (VZs), the document also enlists and explains the real-world chicken zombies over four paragraphs.

Zombie 2

The main purpose of such a “fictional” plan is to train the military personnel involved with planning, quite similar in gist to CDC’s zombie contingency plan that was approved as an upright plan during any pandemic.

Zombie 4

In order to draw up military maneuvers, the big shot think tanks at Pentagon need to consign somebody as the enemy to accurately analyze military situations. Of course, it is one of the finest ways to work out plan to defeat other real nations without calling for any political attraction.

Every nation is busy weaponizing their military for the worst case scenarios, but Zombies, seriously? Nobody likes them! For more information on this Pentagon’s plan for the zombie apocalypse check it out below.

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