ZipBuds Slide Are Earphones That Don’t Get Tangled

Even though the convenience of a wireless Bluetooth headset easily covers for the trouble caused by the wired headphones, but there are still a lot of consumers who actually prefer the wired technology over the wireless one. Hence the reason why manufacturers are still trying to make improvements in the wired technology. One of these manufacturing companies is the company, Zipbuds. Zipbuds have designed a new range of earphones that they believe is tangle-resistant. Named as Zipbuds Slide, the earphones are zipper-styled and feature a zipper-less zipper.


Instead of the interlocking teeth zipper as seen in the original Zipbuds, the Slide version uses a zero-friction slider that works in conjunction with ridge-and-groove design cables. The mechanism used in Zipbuds Slide is the one used in reseal-able Ziploc bags used in routine life. This Zipbuds Slide’s slider allows the user to zip the wires together or unzip them, hence avoiding the tangles.


In addition to this untested technology the Zipbuds Slide also provide the user with ZBXi Ultimate Drivers and ear tips that are designed make the earbuds stay and not slip out while working out and also provide a comfortable experience for the user. And on top of all these, the Zipbuds Slide features an in-line remote that allows noise filtration through the Microphone and also allows the user to control tracks and make calls with their hands free.


Available for only US$49.99, the Zipbuds Slide are offered in four different colors. Each of the unit of these Zipbuds Slides’ is designed to endure with military-grade fibers and protective strain reliefs, and still in case, if one damages their Zipbuds Slide, the company provides them with a new pair for a 50 percent discounted price.

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