Zero Zero’s Hover Camera with 3D Scanning Technology

Hover Camera – The first product of Zero Zero Robotics was revealed recently as the company successfully achieved its funding goal of $25 million from prominent investors.

The company was co-founded by two Stanford PhDs’, MQ Wang and Tony Wang. MQ Wang was also part of the Software Engineers team at Twitter. The goal of the company is to provide its customers with smart flying consumer robots which will be able to enhance the user’s experience while excelling as a forward-thinking robotics company.

The drone presented by the Beijing startup is the first of its kind. A truly consumer-friendly autonomous flying camera drone that is designed to be safe, portable and allows the user to effortlessly capture all the exciting moments, may it be indoors or outdoors. This allows the users to capture unique angles and perspectives. Embedded Artificial Intelligence allows the drone to navigate its path through its environment. The Hover Camera is controlled using a mobile app. And can be set easily to follow any object or track it while recording using the 3D scanning technology.


The drone uses Qualcomm Snapdragon Flight Drone Platform for its functioning. Self-positioning is used by the Hover Camera to float steadily in its place, looking like it’s an invisible flying tripod. The wind conditions are taken care of, and do not affect the Hover Camera, and to avoid any accidental movement of the camera, the Hover Camera comes with an in-built image stabilization.

Weighing only 238 grams, the Hover Camera looks like a VHS tape when it is folded up. Operating the Hover Camera is so simple that anyone can do it, the user just have to press a button, unfold it and let it hover. Or they could throw it in the air. The simplicity in operation is what the company was aiming for. The drone is lightweight because of the carbon-fiber framework that also protects the propellers while flying.

According to the company’s CEO Meng Qiu Wang, “We want to combine radical AI technology and small flying robotics to create products that empower people to enhance their livelihood, and Hover Camera is a very exciting first step towards accomplishing our larger mission. We’re excited that this round of funding will allow us to introduce the public to Hover Camera, push the boundaries of what’s possible, and re-imagine the future of what truly autonomous flying devices can be.”

The company with such an amazing first product has left us wondering what might be next!

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