ZEOD – Future of EV Cars

Zeod 2Automobiles nowadays are a necessity of life. As we all are aware that the first gasoline powered car was built in 1893 and since then they’ve been the ones to be running the automobile market! The racing-cars also run on gasoline, that provides them with the power to compete in the races but at the same time is very expensive and dangerous as well as we all have seen formula race cars blowing up into ashes on the race tracks after some mishap.

Zeod 3The next development in the automobile industry was the gasoline alternatives, we’ve been here to witness the automobiles powered by batteries and even water, but none of them could power the engine enough to compete in a race. But, Nissan did manage to overcome that barrier.

Zeod 4Nissan recently introduced its newest supercar, and it’s powered by batteries. Named the ZEOD, for ‘Zero Emissions On Demand’, The Delta-Wing construction style of the car shows that it means business on the race track. It has a speedy look. And Nissan’s engineers are boasting that the ZEOD can hit 186 MPH. And well, that surely makes it the world’s fastest pure-electric car.

And Nissan has some real impressive plans for this world fastest EV, they’re participating with it in next year’s Le Mans. That’s a 24 hour endurance race against the fastest (gas powered) cars in the world.

Zeod 5“At the end of Le Mans 2014,” Nissan’s Ben Bowlby states, “we will have changed people’s perceptions of electric vehicles.” That’s the same Ben Bowlby, designer of the first Delta-Wing racecar by the way, a man who knows everything there is to know about what he’s talking about.

Nissan ZEOD RCWe’ll have to keep our fingers crossed and wait for what Bowlby and Nissan have in store for us during the next year’s race. Once Le Mans has been completed, we’ll be able to see how far the EVs have come and how much future they promise us.

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