Zeeq Plays Music Only For You So Your Partner Doesn’t Get Disturbed

If you don’t listen to music before going to sleep, you are not doing it right. It is scientifically proven that music helps you sleep better, but if for some unknown reason, you do not use headphones while doing so, you are bound to disturb whoever is sleeping next to you. Headphones are just too uncomfortable for people and some don’t like using them at the expense of others’ sleep.

music playing pillow

If you are such a person, Zeeq is the thing for you. It is a pillow that plays and streams music. It plays music from its interior which is low enough so that only you are able to hear the music without disturbing anyone else. It is equipped with eight wireless speakers, and is capable of playing music from iTunes, Spotify or your personal collection of “sleep tracks”. You can control the music type from the companion app.

music playing pillow 1

Zeeq also keeps track of your sleeping cycle and sleep patterns. It can also work as an alarm clock and set alarms automatically. The creator of Zeeq explained how a simple experiment and a moment of ingenuity led to this creation. He states in a marketing video that the idea came from his own sleeping woes, as couldn’t sleep without playing music but always managed to disturb his wife. So one day he shoved a pair of wireless headphones into a pillow, and he realized that he could hear the music but her wife did not even notice it!

Zeeq has raised over $200,000 on Kickstrater so far. Here is a video if you are interested in this amazing pillow.


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