YURA: The Flying Drone Bartender

Don’t you wish that a drone would meet you at the end of the day and be ready to serve you your favorite Spanish Margarita? Though it’s still a concept, the idea behind Yura the flying bartender is to serve you a beverage of your choice whenever you want.  It is one of the 35 conceptual design contenders in the 2014 Electrolux Design competition.  The Design Lab competition has brought all types of inventors with autonomous system concepts.


This invention could very well appear in the homes of the people in the future. Designed by Herman Haydin, a design student at the Kyiv National University of Construction and Architecture, the main idea behind Yura is to create a robot that makes cocktails, juices, and even coffee or tea just for you.  This flying droid takes voice commands or tasks from your smart phone, it is equipped with a smart cartridge for liquid that heats or cools cocktails according to your need.


Yura is a self recharging flying robot. Each robot is equipped with spherical folding cups, it flies around the house, delivering your favorite beverage.  It has the holding capacity of 1 liter of liquid and the ability to keep it heated or cooled and then dispense it.  Users can activate the robot in different ways, such as sending it messages and instructions from their phone or computers, or by using voice commands.  Haydin designed the robot to be able to hand out beverages with the correct ingredients and measurements, as well as understand important details about the drinks, such as caloric content.


The Yura robot is wi-fi enabled and can take tasks from the sensory body screens or mobile phones. This is all possible because of the computer brain known as the Smart Brain, which has the ability to configure the power settings along with navigate maps, take in voice commands, send mails and download software.

The winner of the Electrolux Design competition will receive US $6,800 and a 6 month internship at an Electrolux global design center. Other finalists include the U-Bubble, which are fridge bubbles that float freely and store food, Pecera, which is a tank that contains robotic fish that acts as a washing machine, and Petollar,  a combination of a pet collar and robotic air filtration system.

yura2 yura4 yura1

Now all you have to decide is whether you want your drink stirred or shaken?

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