You’re Scooping Ice Cream All Wrong!!!

Ice cream, frozen rock solid and it’s impossible to scoop out so you put it to the side to let it thaw out a little. We’ve all done this, right?  Aerospace engineer Michael Chou says it’s all in the angle with which you attack your tub of ice cream.  He has designed and created the Midnight Scoop so that hard ice cream is no longer an obstacle.

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While scooping out ice cream we all use our wrist muscles and joints, but did you know how harmful it is for you? The Midnight Scoop was designed specifically to protect your wrist. The key is in the ergonomic curved handle, allowing you use your arm and chest muscles which are stronger and “push” your way into the ice cream.

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Michael Chou, the president of the company basically wanted an easier solution to scoop out ice cream, so he created one. It took him two years and countless redesigns and prototypes to finally achieve what he wanted.  The product was named the Midnight Scoop because of all the restless nights he spent designing and testing the functionality of various ice cream scoops.

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It has been 117 years since the original ice scoop was designed and it is the first time that design has changed. The ice cream scoop is made of solid hot-forged 6061 aluminum and comes in multiple industrial grade coatings.  With the Midnight Scoop ice cream scoop Michael Chou has made something that looks pleasing, feels comfortable, functions well, and lasts forever.  The scoop will cost a little over 30 pounds.  Chou’s background in aerospace engineering has made it easy for him to understand mechanical force and being a father has made him familiar with ice cream.  So scoop through hard ice cream easily and correctly with the beautiful, Midnight Scoop!

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