Your very own 3D Printed, Han Solo’s Millennium Falcon By Gambody

One of the thoughts all of us have had in our leisure time during the past years is how does it actually took them to assemble the spaceship from Star Wars,  the Millennium Falcon.Your very own 3D Printed, Han Solo's Millennium Falcon
Well, Gambody does give us an insight into the building process, and the answer to the above mentioned questions seems to be “a really freaking long time”. A team of engineers and designers at Gambody, 3D printing marketplace designed the Millennium Falcon replica. It took them several months to design, print and assemble the 3D model replica of the iconic spaceship from the franchise Star Wars at 1:34 scale. The detail of the 3D printed replica boasts that their time and effort were not in vain. This 3D printed Millennium by Gambody is quite detailed, accurate and it is a marvel to look at. The skill and experience of the designers is reflected by the fine finish of the model.
Gambody, an online marketplace that was launched in 2014, are the people filling the void between gaming and 3D printing. They are dedicated to print 3D models of games and characters. This void has been discussed a lot all over the forums, Gambody plays their part in this, by allowing users to post and sell their designs and also by designing 3D models using their in-house designers and sell them in the marketplace. This mini-Falcon is also one of the designs of their in-house team.

3D Printed Hans Solo's Millenium Falcon (1)
Similar to the other products, the Mini-Falcon will be sold in STL format. This includes the 200 parts of the particular model. Currently, the marketplace is selling the Standard Assembly Kit, which costs $74.99 and is comprised of 176 parts that will make up the bottom and top hulls. Later this year, an additional kit will be released, containing files for the interior layout of the Mini-Falcon.

“We divided the spaceship into several parts so that they could fit onto small heated bed of home 3D printers,” says , co-founder of Gambody. “The model’s top and bottom hulls consist of 176 parts; additional external elements make up another 60 parts. We broke the spaceship down into several kits on purpose, to please all requirements. Let’s assume that someone will want to 3D print only the model’s hull and hang it on the wall. Therefore, there’s no sense in this person to print all internal layout components. Also, it is likely that someone will want to use the spaceship’s hull as a PC body frame.”

3D Printed Hans Solo's Millenium Falcon (2)
800 hours is what it took the designers to model the ship. This resulted in a model that is 717mm wide, 1000mm deep and 244.46mm wide. This tiny model features all the tiny details as seen in the original Millennium Falcon. Also contains the secret compartments, wiring and ventilation systems for the Falcon. This also features functional landing gear. If anyone decides to start building their own, be advised, this is not an easy task. Efimov explained that one requires at least 3 standard rolls of filament and dependent upon the type and quality of one’s 3D printer, they’ll require around 2-3 months of printing. Assembling the Falcon may also take another month, but by then the task seems fun. 0.01mm layer height is recommended by the team for models printed at home to obtain optimum results.
The ship is based on Star Wars Wiki sketches, according to Gambody. And they are still working on to bring more improvements and modifications. This includes changes to the boarding ramp and mechanical chassis. Air of authenticity would be added, hopefully and the model wont require as much maintenance as the original Millennium Falcon in the franchise. If you’re interested in making your own, you’ll have to do loads of work, Gambody just simplified the assembly part by making a video for you containing instructions for the assembly.

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