You Won’t Believe The Hidden Uses of These Everyday Household Items

Here are some helpful ideas you can use every day – at home and on the go.  These fun tips will help you do daily rituals in half the time.  You have all these products lying around at home and after reading through this, we know you’ll be saying “why didn’t I think of that?”

Cupcake liners as Popsicle Drip catcher


We all love popsicles, but we all hate sticky fingers.  Cupcake liners seem to be the solution.  Just poke a hole in the base and then wrap a liner around each Popsicle stick.  Great for kids.

Spaghetti as a Long Match


This is a great trick for lighting those hard to reach candle wicks.  Just light the end of a dry noodle and voila!!! Light your candle.

Hair Straightener for ironing collars


Getting late for work?  Use a hair straightener to quickly iron a cuff or collar.  Your hubby is sure to steal your straightener.

A Great Sound Amplifier


Place your phone into a bowl to add some amplification to your tunes at your next dinner or dance party.

Beeswax to Waterproof Canvas Shoes


Great for the beach season or when it’s raining.  You can use a bit of beeswax to waterproof your shoes.  Just rub the wax onto your shoes, blow-dry to seal, and you’re done.

A Comb to Hammer Nails


We’ve all pounded our fingers while hammering a nail in the wall at some point in our lives.  Now, this trick is a foolproof way of saving your fingers.  Just use the comb to hold the nail in place.

Pringles Container can be Used as Pasta storage


Here’s how to keep that spaghetti fresher longer:  store it in an old Pringles can.  It’s the perfect length for you noodles, and you can be creative and decorate the outside so it looks good.

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