You Can Register To Vote Via Snapchat Now

Casting your vote is a civic duty and it is the responsibility of everyone who is eligible to perform this duty. However, the millennials have become so accustomed to their smartphones that stepping out of the comfort zone of their house and getting yourself registered for the vote sounds like quite a hassle. Well, it won’t be thanks to Snapchat’s collaboration with

TurboVote is the voter registration app that was approached for partnership by the social media giant; Snapchat. The process is quite easy; TurboVote videos are located in the Stories and Discover pages of their app and feature celebrities that range from Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson to Jimmy Fallon that will walk you through the process of swiping up to land onto the registration page.

TurboVote is a non-profit that app that has released a statement that categorically states that no personal information being entered is sold or released in any way whatsoever. The TurboVote and Snapchat partnership is to remain active until October 7.

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