XOO Belt by Nifty – A Phone-Charging Belt

We know you hate lugging around your phone charger.  Wires getting tangled and not having a place to plug it in is just a couple of the horrors of a phone battery about to die.  Well, Nifty a company from England is tackling the issue of cell phone battery life.


The company has combined a belt with a battery charger so that you can venture out with just your phone and the clothes on your back and recharge on the move.  The battery is actually built into a belt that looks no different from a belt you might buy at a clothing store.  It’s called the Xoo belt.


The Xoo belt comes with a 1,300 mAh lithium ceramic polymer flexible battery that’s embedded in the leather part of the belt.  The belt buckle acts as an additional 800 mAh battery.  The ratchet to tighten the belt around your waist acts as a plug that you can connect your MicroUSB or Apple Lightning adapter to.  There’s a set of five LED lights along the base that let you check how much charge is left.  The belt takes around three hours to recharge and about the same amount of time to fully charge a device that’s plugged in.  On something like the iPhone 6, the Xoo’s battery is enough to give it a full charge, but on devices that are bigger, like the Nexus 6 or Galaxy Note 4, the battery doesn’t impress.  It works with iOS, Android, and Windows devices.xoobelt1 xoobelt2 xoobelt3 xoobelt4

Charging your phone is the belt’s main job, but the belt itself is stylish and quality worthy.  The company chose a full-grain tanned leather to create a belt that can take the beating of everyday life.  Many designers worked on the belt’s design to make it good looking.  It also comes in multiple sizes.

The Xoo belt will cost you $155 when it ships.  The company Nifty is looking for funding and if not enough people are interested, it might not ever end up getting mass produced.

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