Wow, This Keychain also Sports a Smartphone Charging Cable – InCharge

We all worry about our phones, tablets, or other devices not making it through the day.  There are solutions like external battery packs or carrying around cables.  The inCharge cable is tiny and serves the purpose.

incharge1 incharge2

Created by two brothers, Carlo and Lorenzo, studying engineering at Politecnico di Milano, Italy, InCharge is a simple ribbon with a USB connector on one end, and either a Lightning or MicroUSB on the other.  While it’s not in use, it’s a keychain.  The designed and created this product after experiencing frustrations with battery life of their own phones.  The best part about this tiny package is its tiny price.  US $9 will get you one.  When snapped into place, the entire unit measures in at 1.5 inches long and 7mm wide.  It is also offered in various colors.

incharge3 incharge5

InCharge is being launched on Indiegogo.  The project was put up in search of $20,000 in funding, but the campaign exceeded that figure.    The creators claim that it’s a very simple product, yet so useful and they feel everyone should own one and that’s the idea behind its affordability.

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