Workout While You Work – The Cubii

Ahh!!!! The battle of the bulge. We all know about this one. Eat right…exercise…cheat…gain weight…..start all over again. Running around in circles is what we’re doing. The biggest problem is time management. People nowadays don’t have time for exercise, especially when you spend all day sitting at a desk for hours on end. Cubii just might change things, no more excuses.The Cubii10 The Cubii9


A new fitness invention has been designed and created for people who sit at a desk day in and day out. Cubii is an elliptical trainer that fits right under your desk and allows you to work out without feeling like you’re actually working out. Cubii functions as a device to put under your desk at work to help you stay active on the job. It’s small enough that you won’t hit your knees on your desk, quiet enough so that it won’t bother your coworkers, and it has an adjustable resistance so you can challenge yourself with its difficulty levels. You can also synch it with your smartphone to keep track of your exercise. Using Cubii can help you burn up to 120 calories in an hour. The device will cost $319 and is expected to begin shipping in December 2014.


Arnav Dalmia, the founder of the company FitnessCubed and recent graduate from the University of Chicago, says he came up with the idea after realizing he didn’t have time for the gym. Dalmia along with his co-founders Shivani Jain, and Ryota Sekine started the company in Chicago in August 2013 with no prior experience in engineering or design. They put the product together through trial and error.  Cubii lets you pedal under your desk to stay fit while you sit. The Cubii8 The Cubii7 The Cubii6 The Cubii5 The Cubii4 The Cubii3 The Cubii2 The Cubii

Everyone knows that sitting and not moving a whole lot all day long is not a great idea. Taking breaks often to stand and move your body a bit every day is essential for your health. The Cubii appears to be the answers to all our dilemmas. The Cubii Elliptical Trainer will help get you into shape and could also help you get the blood pumping faster through your body. Ready to stay fit while you work? We sure are!!!!

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