Workout A Tiny Winy Bit And Stay healthy!

Exercise is the key to a healthy living, we all know that but what to do about it or really WHEN to do it with all the busy routines that everyone is in; 9-5 desk jobs, client meetings, social parties, movies, seasons, eating, hangouts with friends and the list just goes on, not to forget facebooking and twittering all done while sitting-mostly!

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Not just that it puts the person in a lot of mental stress but also at a high risk of obesity and heart disease. Nutritionists and therapists have paid increasing attention to the damaging effects of sitting idle in the desk bound circumstances; however a new research at the University of South Australia published in the international journal Obesity shows that long sedentary periods can be dealt with reasonable physical activity. So all the office workers out there rest assured you won’t die as long as you are physically active.E 4

Only a slight bit of physical activity can eliminate the risks associated to obesity and associated health concerns. “Small differences in daily moderate-to-vigorous physical activity of just five to 10 minutes were associated with relatively large differences in the risk of obesity,” said Dr Carol Maher.

The study was carried out by Postdoctoral Research Fellow Dr Carol Maher who concludes that her study is positive news for office workers, “the nice thing about these results is that people with desk jobs can be reassured that as long as they are doing a bit of activity, their desk job isn’t putting them at risk of obesity,” Dr Maher says. “And our results suggest the amount of physical activity needed is actually very achievable.”E 3

She conducted the study on 5083 American adults, in addition to taking cross-sectional analyses on a nationally representative sample from US National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey from April 2003 to June 2005. “I looked at how people’s physical activity and sedentary activities were related to the risk of being obese and overweight,” said Dr Maher. “We classified people into three activity and three sedentary groups – low, medium and high physical activity; and low, medium and high sedentary activity…….We found that low physical activity was a strong predictor of obesity. People who had low levels of physical activity were up to four times more likely to be overweight or obese than people in the moderate and high activity groups, while sedentary time was unrelated to being overweight…..Obesity was more strongly related to not being active than either TV time or total sedentary time.”

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