Working iPhone6 LEAKED

All the rumors we’ve been hearing about the iPhone 6 for the past few months have sparked the interest of all iPhone fans.  Many mockups have been shown, but now only 3 days away from the big unveiling in Cupertino we have new pictures and new rumors of what the iPhone is going to look like.


Many pictures have been leaked out but now with the latest revelation we can safely say that these appear to be pretty accurate representation of what we can expect.    No one knows whether these pictures of a working iPhone 6 are legitimate or not but since it’s so close to the actual launch, it’s fair for us to think positively.  The Passbook icon, which can be clearly seen in the photos, grabs your attention and makes you believe that this is the final cut, the new generation.  There is an actual video in cyberspace with the iPhone 6 running with the iOS 8 software.  The wait is finally over.


When looking forward to a new design, a new model as humans we tend to believe anything shown to us prior to seeing the actual item.  Same goes for iPhones.  A lot of information has been pre-released with every iPhone launch, but it is rare to see a working phone before the launch.

iPhone6-2 iPhone6-3

Over the past few months we’ve heard a lot about the new design.  We’re sure most of you already know that the iPhone 6 looks a lot like the iPad Air, with a curved finish.  Other rumors include the screen size. Working iPhone 6 Working iPhone 6 4 Working iPhone 6 3 Working iPhone 6 2Apparently it seems there will be two screen sizes, 4.7 inches and 5.5 inches.  After all this speculation, we could still be looking at a fake, but if this isn’t an iPhone 6, then someone did a damn good job to spoof us.  With only 3 days to go before the launch, we won’t have to wait too much longer to confirm all these rumors.

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