Working BMWs Have Been Converted Into Real Life Transformers By Turkish Engineers

A working BMW has been converted into a real life transformer in just 8 months by a crew of Turkish engineers successfully. The most realistic completely-functioning transformer up till now has come into existence as a result of this project.  The team from the Turkish design and engineering firm called Letrons has finished this project and the working robot/cars are unbelievable to see in action. Have a look at the incredible transformers in action in the video given below:

A whole line of transforming BMW robots is also being made by the company and the team is also working on it soon. These robots are for sale in case you are thinking of buying them. But, they are extremely expensive and also the engineering team has to agree with your intended use.


The cars maintain driveability by means of remote control, however there is not much space for a human to fit inside it. Nonetheless, in case you can fund a crew of 12 engineers and technicians for further work on this project, they are very positive that they can make it drivable by a human in the future. Up till now, the BMW transformers are not capable of walking, the reason being not having enough funds. However, they believe that they can make it happen if given the required amount of money.


If you are a fan of a transformer but do not want  a BMW, then the team holds the view that they can develop the transformer robots from any model of car hypothetically, but the price for a redesign like this is probably not small.


Owing to the incredible team of Turkish engineers, transformers have become a very real innovation in our world. So far, this is one of the most inspiring iterations of robotic transformers that we have ever seen, and you can buy one of them if you have enough money. Check out the Letrons’ website for more information about this project.


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