Wolverine Claws – A reality Thanks To Colin Furze!

With the superhero mania on the rise, it is not a surprise that crazy fans are going extremes to be like their favorites, be it Spidy, Baty or Wolvy aka Wolverine! These fans want to be just like them, as close to reality as possible; even if they have to follow Buzz light-year in his pursuit of “to infinity and beyond.” One amongst many is Colin Furze, a British plumber by day and vivid garage inventor by night; he is of 53 miles per hour Mad Max Stroller and world’s longest motorcycle fame who is celebrating the release of the new X-Men: Days of Future Past by building himself a pair of real life, fully automatic, actually working Wolverine claws.

Wolverine claws 1

Yes readers, they truly extend and retract as you please-unbelievable!

Wolverine claws 2

Each metallic claw sadly not the Adamantium is a 12 inches long and 2mm thick steel blade, inadvertently capable of attacking and cutting through demonic watermelons, slicing card boards, and ending Mystique like blow up dolls to pieces, not to mention these spikies can produce a spark when rubbed together. They can be deployed and retracted by merely pushing a button making them very real mortal weapons.

Wolverine claws 3

However, the only perk to this crazy badass invention is that the wannabe-Wolverines must wear an air-filled assembly on their back that consists of air tank and valves for the whole gadget to work. Check out his awesome claws and the production and design process in the videos below- there is always a fake muscle suit that can be used to cover up the anti-swag pertaining to these claws!

Wolverine claws 5

This guy’s genius doesn’t end here, there’s a lot more to his super hero fame than these claws; Professor Xavier’s Cerebro Helmet or something to depict Mystiques ability to be invisible, who knows, just keep yourself posted!

Wolverine claws 4

His entire design process is explained in the videos below, do check them out.

And guys my suggestion, watch out for Mr.Furze and his Wolverine claws on the nearest comic con you plan to visit!

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