Wohnwagon’s Trailer Home is Sustainable and Self-Sufficient

Trailer homes have always been tricky. They are compact, but fitting everything in is sometimes trouble, making a lot of comforts a compromise. Dwellers trade off spaciousness for utilities, or vice versa. Looking to make their living easier, Austrian company Wohnwagon’s trailer homes have been designed as 25 sq m (269 sq ft) of space that is self sufficient – it has its own ff-grid electricity, water and waste systems. The trailer can be substituted for homes and road-side cafes as well.

Wohnwagon Trailer (5)

This is Wohnwagon’s 5th trailer and efficiently uses the available space to cater to a comfortable living. The 10 x 2.5 m (32.8 x 8.2 ft) trailer, with a 3 x 2 m (9.8 x 6.6 ft) additional expandable section, has been built from natural and recycled materials and offers a number of sustainability features.

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The exterior is a larch wood ensemble with a choice of spruce or wood-fiber panels  for the interior. Sheep’s wool insulates the trailer and keeps the temperature and humidity naturally balanced. The electricity is supplied via four solar panels mounted on the trailer’s roof that gives a peak output of 1.2 kW and the home stores surplus energy in a 6 kWh battery-system installed under its floor. There’s a monitoring system installed that helps track energy use.

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A bespoke water storage system under the trailers floor has a total capacity of 550 L (121 gal). Energy for heating the water comes from two contrasting sources – the solar panels on the roof, or a wood burning stove. Keeping sustainability in mind, Wohnwagon installed a green roof featuring marsh plants that recycles used water from the sink and shower. The greywater takes 24 hours to be pumped up to the roof and purified for washing or showering. The trailer’s ‘bio-toilet’ separates waste and turns it into fertilizer!

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With a price tag between €40,000 to €90,000 with customization options for buyers, Wohnwagon’s first environment-friendly and sustainable trailer home will be installed at the Almdorf Seinerzeit hotel in Kärnten, Austria in October this year for guests looking to spend a night or two at the hotel.

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