When There is Smart Everything, There is GOT to be a Smart Glass – Meet SipSup!

When everything is becoming a geeky gadget – from our phones to our torches to our running shoes, why should crockery stay behind? That’s fodder for an idea and that’s how a Slovenian team created SipSup, the Smart glass.

SipSup (4)

They are calling it the “first social drinking glass”. Crafted by Steklarna Hrastnik, a Slovenian glassworks company with precise curves and quality material, the SipSup is an NFC enabled glass in which you can “drop your memories” to recall at a different time.


The SipSup team realized what so many of us do during our dinner conversations. As everything becomes a camera, we take millions of photos every year, and print none of them. So many gadgets at our disposal, yet the memories fade behind the frequent flashes. The end result? We often don’t look back at the photos we have taken, unless we are creating a photo montage for a loved one once a year.

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With SipSup, you can change that. The SipSup logo is an NFC enables button that you can scan with your smartphone. Using the SipSup app, you can drop your funniest, craziest, most noteworthy pictures (or anything at all!) into the app. The next time you tap your phone to your SipSup, a random memory appears for you to cherish with those around the table.

SipSup (2)

The SipSup app comes free with the purchase of a SipSup. You can create private folders, accessible only through your own smartphone, or public ones, so someone else can tap their SipSup app to your glass and join you down the memory lane.

The glass is crafted with a Ripple in its base so you feel the effect as you drop and retrieve memories. It ergonomic design is easy to hold, and good for any drink – from beer to smoothies to sodas, take your pick. Pop a can and with it, a memory will pop out.

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The SipSUp team needs $30,000 to fund mass production of SipSup, and they have taken to Kickstarter for a crowdfunding campaign. Backers can have a SipSup of their own for an Early Bird offer of $22 and be part of SipSup’s agenda: “Let`s make memories memorable again.”

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