What is Happiness and How do We Achieve it!

Although the world has been termed as the global village ever since the advent of internet took place but are we really close? Do you feel closer to the people around you? Do you really feel ‘connected’? If that is so then why most of us feel empty? Why do we feel depressed when we log onto Facebook and see all those happy statuses? Which brings us to the crucial question; what is happiness and how can it be achieved?

We all have witnessed this feeling where we find questioning ourselves; are we happy? Are we content with this life of ours? Why are we driven to the point where we have to ask this question? Then there’s this particular group of people who can’t seem to be happy. How one must classify happiness and what methodology should you choose to attain happiness is something that we all are searching secretly for.

What is Happiness and How do We Achieve it3

Over time, what we have learned is that happiness is not a place that you can arrive at after a certain journey or traveling nor is it something that you can achieve. Happiness is a choice and you need to understand that in simplicity lay the answers.

The issue with our society is that we have, over the course of time, ascribed happiness to achieving certain milestones in our lives; I’ll be happy when I get married, I’ll be happy when I get that particular job, I’ll be happy if I have enough memory! That’s the biggest lie you’re telling yourself. Why is that so? Because if you ascribe happiness to certain items then you only enjoy temporary happiness before you ascribe it to something else and get to struggle in order to achieve that thing. This never ending cycle continues where you will spend most of the time being Un-happy and shall be struggling to ‘achieve’ happiness.

This is where the change in approach comes in; understand that happiness is not ascribed to anything and you don’t need this or that to be happy. Happiness is a choice; we all know someone who can always find a way to be happy no matter what the situation is. How do they do that? They understand that happiness is a choice and that you can choose to be happy no matter the situation you’re in. if you choose to be happy right now; you’ll be happy right now. However, if you want to be depressed or grumpy over something is in the past or has not happened yet – rest assured, you will be depressed and grumpy.

What is Happiness and How do We Achieve it4

Happiness can be shared, did you know that? Sharing happiness will not deplete your happiness but rather it will exponentially increase it. If you talk to successful people they will tell you that giving to society, giving to those who don’t have enough is the perfect way to be happy. This is how you achieve true happiness.

What is Happiness and How do We Achieve it2True happiness is a twofold process; firstly, you choose to be happy no matter the situation since you know that happiness is a choice and a mental state that can be opted and secondly; you share your happiness with others so that the happiness multiplies!


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