What Happened at This Woman’s Funeral will Move You to Tears!

Margarita Suarez was an animal lover from Merida, Mexico, known in her neighbourhood for her compassion for stray animals. She practiced feeding stray dogs regularly; her neighbours report a throng of stray animals at her doorstep early in the morning each day. She is even reported to carry a bag of food with herself to feed stray animals anywhere she found them.

A little kindness goes a long way, but who knew feeding stray dogs could buy this woman the kind of love that money can’t buy?

Suarez passed away in early March this year, and her funeral took place on March 15th. Attendees were surprised when a number of stray dogs – and a bird – began to show up at the funeral!

Stray Dogs Funeral  (2)

The staff kindly let these creatures pay their respects to their benefactor. The dogs quietly lay on the floor, and left only when Suarez’s body began to be prepared for cremation.

Stray Dogs Funeral  (5)

Stray Dogs Funeral  (1)

Stray Dogs Funeral  (6)

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