What every Long Distance Relationship Needs – The Tactilu

The Tactilu 3One of the things that we’ve recently seen an increase in, is the “Long-Distance relationship” thingy! After the introduction of the social networks and dating websites, more and more teens are starting up relationships on the internet, which is well, not cool. But they’re teens and what else do you expect?

The Tactilu 2Due to this fact tech-companies are actually developing tech to make the couples feel closer. One of those techs is what we’ll be discussing today. The sensor bracelets. These are wrist bracelets which come as a pair, both of them having a touch resistant surface on top, where the user can touch and through some wireless connection the signal is sent to the other user, and their bracelet conveys the touch through some mechanical parts on the inside of that bracelet.

The Tactilu 4This can actually work through an internet connection; so no matter where they’re or how many miles apart. The gadget works perfectly! Created by Poland-based design studio Pangenerator, named as “The Tactilu” powered by an Arduino Pro mini microcontroller and a custom PCB with a Bluetooth module

The TactiluThe current design is somewhat basic. We don’t see much style or finishing there and the touchable surface is just a horizontal line and well, you don’t always touch a person in lines, but obviously they’ll enhance it once it gets some demand. Well this here is actually the dawn of a new era in long-distance relationships. We are sure that most of the couples that are having long-distance relationship will be very excited. Let’s see what the future holds.

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