Weird Art Forms from around the World

Caution; reader discretion is advised. Some artwork shown here is pretty disturbing.


Let’s start from an OK one.

This ‘art’, MÖBIUS, was animated over two weeks. Its movement cannot be noticed by the human eye. Only time lapse will do.

Melted Vinyl Records

sound wave

Jean Shin has created this ‘sound wave’ from melted vinyl records as part of the The Museum of Art and Design’s exhibit “Second Lives: Remixing the Ordinary.”

Tongue paintings

Ani K uses his tongue. To make paintings. He regularly has to deal with nausea, cramping and headaches but he persists.

Beautiful Golden-ish Painting of a Boy with a Rifle


Moving onto more weird…

Using 200,000 dead ants to paint a portrait of his little brother holding a rifle, Chris Trueman got offers of upto $35,000 for his piece of art.

Regular Splashes of Color?

Having mastered the art of vomiting, artist (?) Millie Brown makes paintings by vomiting. It really is pretty gross to look at, let alone appreciate.

Remembering Your Loved Ones


Val Thompson has uses ‘human ashes’ to make such paintings for people…because nobody else provides such sort of service. Her first painting was for Anne Kearey who had recently lost her husband, John. Really bizarre.

Beautiful Paintings with Strong Presence of Red

blood 2

blood 3

blood 4


Vinicius Quesada painted all of the above using blood, his own blood. At 450 ml of blood every two months, he has created these paintings by mixing his own blood with colors (to use only blood for the paintings, he would have to die twice) which are a ‘wonder’ to look at.

Meat Art

meat 1

meat 2

meat 3

This is Dimitri Tsykalov’s art where he has clothed his naked models with meat only. I don’t even want to know what he was trying to express.

Banana Art

banana monkeyt

This is just here to ease things up.


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