Fancy Wearable Furniture Named Sharkman By Yang Zhao

Sharkman is lavish wearable furniture designed by Yang Zhao who is a young and talented Chinese designer. It lets you use it in several different ways. Sharkman provides a comfortable and incredible solution for those who like to have a safe zone. It is new generation wearable furniture that has been awarded with the Excellence Prize at ‘London’s International Student Innovation 2016 Awards’ and has also been chosen to be exhibited in ‘Brain Waves: Empathic Invention of London Design Festival 2016’.

Sharkman By Yang Zhao

Sharkman is multifunctional soft furniture that can be disguised according to your demands. Its vest-like shape can be re-constructed and re-structured in several different ways to wear.

Sharkman By Yang Zhao

The foamy design structure of Sharkman allows the customer to transform it without any difficulty. It can turn into an office table to work on or a small tent or even into a cave in case you want to hide. The ergonomic design of Sharkman arranges for a flexible structure for any body type to fit into it to cozy up. Zhao told that the Sharkman’s experimental design depends on an extensive research process involving ergonomic engineering.

Sharkman By Yang Zhao

It allows you to carry your office chair or a portable working place anywhere. All you need to do are two things, folding and attaching the pieces to each other. In case you don’t feel like working at all, you simply fold it into a big egg shaped cozy cave while you’re watching the sky or turn it into a tent just to lay down in it.


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