Wear Quell to Relieve Pain! First ever FDA approved, wearable, drug-free Pain Reliever

Chronic pain is associated with a number of illnesses: arthritis, multiple sclerosis, fibromyalgia, shingles etc. Sufferers often opt for pain therapy that works on neurological principles to relieve them.

How Quell Works

Quell has devised a wearable that works on the same therapeutic principles to induce pain relief for sufferers. It is the only FDA approved and clinically proven relief for chronic pain, that too  at the touch of a button. A 100% drug free device to ease the suffering of countless.


The Quell is a device placed in a breathable, comfortable sport band, with an electrode snapped to the back of the device. The Quell band can be wrapped around the upper calf, with the electrode in direct contact with skin. Quell is powerful enough to stimulate the nerves in the upper calf carrying neural pulses to the brain, tapping into the body’s natural pain relief response. It induces the release of endogenous “opioids” into the spine, blocking pain signals from the body.

Quell 3

Quell utilizes NeuroMetrix’s proprietary, non-invasive nerve stimulation technology that calibrates automatically for every user, determining the ideal therapeutic intensity of electrical nerve stimulation to provide optimal pain relief.

Quell triggers a central inhibition effect that minimizes the volume of  pain signals, by electrically simulating sensory nerves that cause the brain to release endogenous opioid chemicals, which reduce pain signal transmission (through the delta opioid receptor).

Quell 1

Aware of how each individual has unique therapy needs and sensitivity levels, Quell can be customized through a quick and easy calibration process, OptiTherapy™, the first time it’s used, following which Quell will automatically adjust to an individual’s optimal stimulation level for pain relief.

Quell is equipped with Bluetooth smart connected iOS app to track sleep quality and therapy sessions (not dependent on availability of smartphone). Rechargeable battery provides up to 40 hours of therapy on a single charge.

Quell 2

Quell is available for pre-order on Indiegogo, at discounted prices and special offers for the first few purchases, and on a 60 day trial period with money back guarantee. Additional electrodes will be available on Quell’s official website. Quell has fared beyond its initial goal of $100,000, and the launch is estimated around June 2015.

The Quell package includes a complete month of electrodes. An additional 1 month supply of electrodes is available for cost $29.99, two electrodes a pack – one electrode can last up to two weeks. This puts just $1 a day for pain relief. You can checkout the campaign here.

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