‘Walking Dead’ Season 4 Part Two Featurette

The Walking Dead, which has been on a hiatus since early December will return on AMC on the 9th of February. It ended in what was arguable one of the best episodes of the entire series, and left the fate of much of it’s characters open for debate.

Rick, Carl, Michonne, and the rest of survivors saw the prison breached. In the aftermath of The Governor’s final attack, the group was splintered leaving Rick and Carl on their own, the well being of baby Judith and Glenn in question, and more members either dead, presumed to be, or lost in the turmoil. Having had the survivors secure in the prison for the past season-and-a-half, part two of season 4 will focus on life out in the open, where keeping well-supplied will be key to survival

In the season 4 featurette (above) the cast and crew discuss in more detail what horrors await those living among the walking dead.
The message coming across in these interviews is clear: their home and their sense of security is gone, and now they must focus on again finding sanctuary. The wide, open world is dangerous and with everyone separated, some even alone, they’re weaker and very vulnerable. The relationship between Carl and Rick will now be put under immense pressure, especially considering the Physical and physiological affects the Governor and (apparent)death of Judith has had on Rick, and how Carl reacts to the situation will determine their future.


This featurette also hints that we won’t see everyone reconnecting. Michonne is off on her own, and actress Danai Gurira indicates that being next to Herschel when he was killed will have an obvious, damaging affect on her. Steve Yeun, too, questions Glenn’s security, considering last we saw him he was on the bus that was being riddled with bullets. Carol’s fate is still up in the air, and how that affects the show is still to be seen.

Season 4 has already been The Walking Dead‘s most intense to date, and judging from what’s coming down the line, things are only going to get worse. What misfortunes do you expect to see our survivors have to deal with? Leave a comment below….

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