VOMO is an Affordable, High Performance Electric Scooter that gives You up to 20 mph!

As more and more folks turn to commuting to balance a suburban living with corporate jobs, coming up with affordable commuting options is taking much of inventors’ time. VEETRON, a company looking for a solution for the public, has successfully created VOMO, an electric scooter that is durable, affordable and safe for commuters.

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VOMO is a battery powered electric scooter capable of lasting 25 miles on one charge. It gives speed up to 20 mph and is powered by a Samsung Lithium Ion 18650 Battery.

The beauty’s sleek design is foldable and easy to carry along when you aren’t riding it. The body folds around the rear wheel upon which VOMO can be pushed along, much like a wheeled suit case. At just 29x89x16cm in dimensions, VOMO is up for the ride but not a burden. It’s light yet rigid body has been fashioned from high grade aluminium and weighs in at 13.5 kgs.

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VEETRON noticed the quality of tires on contemporary scooties and electric bikes isn’t up for the challenge that concrete roads boast. They have used tubeless inflatable tires, 8×2 inches in dimensions that are durable and sturdy. And to add a welcome perk to this gadget, it has been equipped with a “safe-start” function: if you’re standing still but high on the throttle, VOMO won’t accelerate, “avoiding any non-intentional acceleration in a crowded area,” the creators explain. Instead of the common regenerative brake on most electric scooters, VOMO has a 120mm disc brake that continues to perform its function in the event of an electric cut off. And as proponents of road safety, VEETRON have designed VOMO with a built-in motor cut off switch, activated with the push of the brakes.

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VOMO’s crisp digtal display keeps you up to speed on.. well, its speed, among other things. The display gives you a number on the working voltage, battery level, the gadget’s RPM reading, trip and total odometers and mph or kph readings.

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Its two color options let you have your pick according to your taste. You can choose between Aluminium Silver and Matte Black – both make a bold statement on the road.


VEETRON’s crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo is offering early supporter $200 off at the selling price of $549, which is a relatively low price on electric scooters currently available on the market. “There was no point in us designing a scooter that the vast majority of people couldn’t afford, it is our mission to make light electric vehicles available for everyone,” says Team VEETRON. They aim to raise $10,000 in the next 28 days to fund mass production of this bad boy.

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There’s a limited time option to choose between the VOMO 8.8 A and 11.6A models; the latter, priced at $399, provides extra mileage on the standard VOMO and is available in the same colors. Buyers don’t even need to pay the full price up front. Pay up when your shipping is ready!

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