Volkswagen’s I.D. Concept Has Been Unveiled Ahead Of 2016 Paris Motor Show

Volkswagen following their Dieselgate emission scandal responded with an apology and a promise to change. The company vowed to focus on ‘green’ products and e-mobility while stating that it will introduce 30 all-electric models within the next ten years.volkswagens-i-d-concept-has-been-unveiled-ahead-of-2016-paris-motor-show-8 volkswagens-i-d-concept-has-been-unveiled-ahead-of-2016-paris-motor-show-5

Following a year after the Environmental Protection Agency’s initial notice of violation was filed, Volkswagen has come forward with a huge leap into the EV market. The company has revealed the I.D. Concept that is slated to make its public debut at the 2016 Paris Motor Show. It is an all-electric compact that features autonomous driving. The I.D. will begin manufacturing in 2020 while providing a range of somewhere between 249 and 373 miles. This is more than what you will get from a Tesla Model 3 (215 miles) or Chevrolet Bolt EV (238 miles).volkswagens-i-d-concept-has-been-unveiled-ahead-of-2016-paris-motor-show-6 volkswagens-i-d-concept-has-been-unveiled-ahead-of-2016-paris-motor-show-4 volkswagens-i-d-concept-has-been-unveiled-ahead-of-2016-paris-motor-show-3

Volkswagen has further stated that the I.D. will come at a price ‘on a par with comparably powerful and well-equipped Golf models.’ The I.D. can generate a horsepower of 168 and is capable of going from 0 to 60 mph in under 8 seconds while featuring a top speed of 99 mph.volkswagens-i-d-concept-has-been-unveiled-ahead-of-2016-paris-motor-show-10 volkswagens-i-d-concept-has-been-unveiled-ahead-of-2016-paris-motor-show-7

The I.D. has been built on the VW’s Modular Electric Drive Kit (MEB) platform that allows the car to features a laser-enhanced automated mode known as I.D. Pilot. Once triggered, it retracts the multi-function steering wheel into the dashboard for the car to work without the input of driver. The interior left after retraction is defined by VW as Open Space; a layout that is the result of enhanced flexibility thanks to the floor-mounted battery and a rear-mounted electric motor. Within the Open Space, a central infotainment systems have been ditched in favor of the menus that control car’s functions and features and are available to everyone.volkswagens-i-d-concept-has-been-unveiled-ahead-of-2016-paris-motor-show-12 volkswagens-i-d-concept-has-been-unveiled-ahead-of-2016-paris-motor-show-11

The I.D. concept flaunts a futuristic look and features arrays of LED lights that react according to the situation for instance; the I.D. ‘closes its eyes’ when it is parked thus leaving only a narrow strip of LED arrays that remain illuminated in the headlights whereas while charging the blue light panels on the diffusers pulsate (breathe).volkswagens-i-d-concept-has-been-unveiled-ahead-of-2016-paris-motor-show volkswagens-i-d-concept-has-been-unveiled-ahead-of-2016-paris-motor-show-2

If all goes according to plan, I.D. will go into manufacturing in 2020 along with Golf with the autonomous I.D. Pilot system making its way by 2025. Volkswagen is hoping to sell a total of 1 million electric cars per year by 2025.

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