Virtuix Omni – The Gamers’ Dream


The gesturing and hand-held motion sensors have been in the market for some time, but recently, Virtuix CEO is about to change the phrase “Entering the Dragon” as we know it. To be released in January, the device is supposed to be the first omnidirectional treadmill that allows users natural, full-body movement in a virtual reality scenario, such as in gaming and other touring applications. Omni developer and Virtuix CEO Jan Goetgeluk explained why those couch potato gamers have no excuse to stay on the sofa.Virtuix Omni (5)
The structure of the Omni consists of eight sides, a concave platform than has an adjustable waist-high ring for stabilization. The base is bowl-like and is made from a proprietary grooved, low friction material.

The package includes shoes to be worn by the users that are designed to work with the dynamics of the treadmill and provide a stable and comfortable environment for the user. The shoes have the sole made from the same low friction material as the base. And for stabilization and easier movement there’s a stainless steel pin in the toe that fits into the base. The front end of the shoe is made up from high friction material that allows better braking for your virtual characters.

Virtuix Omni (3)
Unfortunately the Omni is not compatible with the VR headset and Razer Hydra gaming controller, and only supports the PC editions of the games and not the console editions. According to the reviews of the beta versions of the Omni, puts the noise factor almost the same as that of a treadmill. So little disturbance for others, while you go around killing people.
The software in the Omni translate the motions of the user into keystrokes that drive their avatar in the game and the software can also keep track of how many calories have the user burned and how much distance he has covered.

Virtuix Omni (2)
The stability ring provides support for the user and makes the walking, jumping and 360 turns are just as easy as in real life. And it reduces the risk of falling and hurting yourself.

Virtuix Omni (4)
The Virtuix sought funding in june from Kickstarter and met their initial goal of $150,000 in less than four hours. Weighing about 110 pounds and being 48 inches in diameter, the Omni can be easily handled and comes apart easily for storing.
The developing team is already planning different variety of apps except gaming, such as the tours applications like Virtual Museum Tours and House Walk-Throughs for Potential homebuyers.
One can preorder the Omni now, available in a few different package options, which top out at about $600.

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