Virgin Hyperloop One Reaches Another Milestone

Virgin Hyperloop One has set a new speed record of 240mph. This record was achieved as part of a testing session that placed the whole Hyperloop system to the test. According to the company, “All components of the system were successfully tested including the airlock, highly efficient electric motor, advanced controls and power electronics, custom magnetic levitation and guidance, pod suspension, and the vacuum.”Virgin Hyperloop One Reaches Another Milestone

How Does Hyperloop Work?

The pressure inside the Hyperloop tubes is brought down to an equivalent of what is experienced at 200,000 ft above sea level. This low pressure then enables electric-powered magnetic levitation levitating pod to move within the concrete testing tube with minimal air resistance.

Hyperloop and Good News

Hyperloop has been enjoying an array of good news in the last few months.

Back in October, serial entrepreneur Richard Branson broke the news that Virgin Group had invested in Hyperloop One. The project has been re-named Virgin Hyperloop One owing to the significant investment made. It was also announced that Branson will sit on project’s board of directors and that the company was able to successfully raise $50 million in Series C funding.

Virgin Hyperloop – A Cargo and Passenger Transport

Virgin Hyperloop One will provide transport for cargo as well as for passengers. According to white paper, Hyperloop Alpha by Elon Musk in 2013, the pods will eventually be able to achieve speeds of 700mph. However, even by achieving a fraction of these speeds implies that goods can be sent across United States within hours rather than days. It is possible for all sorts of cargo to be moved quickly and efficiently from city to city. According to Nick Earle, a Virgin Hyperloop One executive, “It’s Amazon Prime on steroids. You don’t have to use a fleet of airplanes. You don’t have to use warehouses outside of cities to store goods because you have to truck them in to meet that one-hour deadline that’s in the contract for Amazon Prime.” However, that’s not the only promise of Virgin Hyperloop One. It will also enable passengers to travel from city to city at high speeds. The end result would be reduced traffic and smog congestion thus reduced environmental impacts.Virgin Hyperloop One Reaches Another Milestone

Richard Branson On Hyperloop

Richard Branson in his statement regarding his company’s investment in Hyperloop said that it “sets up the company to pursue opportunities in key markets in the Middle East, Europe, and Russia as it develops game-changing and innovative passenger and cargo ground transport systems.”

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