Vibrations Turned Into Ceramics By 3D Printers

Theres nothing more beautiful than a handmade clay pot made on a potter’s wheel, but we now live in a day and time where innovation is at its best.  A new kind of sculpting is taking everyone by storm.  The distinctive textures made on clay sculptures take hold of vibrations of precise sound waves, because of a novel type of 3D printed “sonic ceramics.”

sonic ceramics with 3D printer 1 sonic ceramics with 3D printer 5

“Solid Vibrations” is a collaboration between Dutch artists, Ricky van Broekhoven and Olivier van Herpt.  Ricky specializes in sound design.  The project explores what the physical effects of music or sound are on an object that is being 3D printed.  The result is a collection of striking and uniquely textured ceramic pots and bowls, each possessing an exquisite pattern.

sonic ceramics with 3D printer 2 sonic ceramics with 3D printer 3

It all began when Herpt and Broekhoven experimented by mounting speakers beneath a ceramic 3D printer platform.  As they played different sounds and low frequency beats from the speakers, the vibrations altered the pattern produced by the 3D printer.  Herpt says “A moment in time, a song a sound, they can now become objects that encapsulate the moment forever.”

sonic ceramics with 3D printer 6

With this technology you can virtually save your favorite song or memory on a ceramic pot.  These artists have been experimenting with 3D technology for a while now.  Herpt has also introduced beeswax as a potential material for additive manufacturing.  We’ll just have to sit back and wait to see what this artistic duo comes up with next.

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