Verizon And MakerBot Are Giving Away Free 3D Printed Phone Cases

There are many benefits of using smartphone cases.  The obvious benefit is preventing damage such as scratches, broken screens due to dropping, or spills.  Our smartphones are, for the most part, one of our most prized possessions and that’s why we opt to protect them.  We also tend to outfit our smartphones with a design that fits our style and personality and believe us there’s nothing wrong with that.

3D printed phone cases verizon makerBot 2

Sometimes replacing a phone case can get pretty expensive.  As we know 3D printing is the next big thing.  It’s already out there and being used quite readily.   MakerBot has become quite the name in 3D printing.  For a marketing campaign called #WhyNotWednesday Verizon, the telecommunications guru has partnered with MakerBot.

3D printed phone cases verizon makerBot 1

On March 9th, MakerBot 3D printed many phone cases for Verizon customers.  All Verizon customers needed to was enter their phone number, select their device, choose and design and color and MakerBot did the rest.  The campaign ran from noon to 4 pm.  Customers were able to get a fresh new look for their phone for free.

Verizon gave its customers exclusive access to the world of 3D printed technology through one of the industry’s most innovative companies.  Verizon offers something new, something awesome….every Wednesday! So keep a look out!

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