V-Tex – The Microwave Cooler

You might have experienced this;  coming back to home on a hot day and discovering that there is no juice or bear in the fridge to refresh yourself. V-Tex – The Microwave Cooler (3)You might have dreamed about the microwave cooler which could help you cool the drink under a minute as compared to 15-20 minutes that it would take to cool a drink in the fridge. Well, your dream is soon going to turn into reality in the form of V-Tex which contains vortexes instead of microwaves.

A confederation of companies is developing this technology by means of the European Union-funded RapidCool project.

V-Tex – The Microwave CoolerIt takes 45 seconds or less by the trial product of V-Tex machines to cool a bottled or tinned drink to 4ºC (39ºF) from room temperature. This is done by dipping the container of the drink in ice-cold water and making Rankine vortex inside the bottle by rotating it. This helps the beverage to cool rapidly without transforming to slush or without effervescing when opened.

V-Tex – The Microwave Cooler (2)The above method, however, does not mix the warm and cold parts of the drink very efficiently as the centrifugal force does not let the coldest liquid leave the sides of the bottle. Therefore, creating and collapsing the vortex constantly is essential which is ensured by spinning the bottle on one of two axes consecutively.

Both large commercial-use V-Tex machines and small home models are designed to be made. Although the V-Tex machines are considered to be a luxury but they have been schemed in order to save energy. For example, beverages can be preserved at room temperature and consumers can V-Tex the beverages that they want to drink straightaway. As per RapidCool, “Results show energy savings of over 80 percent compared with some standard open front drinks chillers and a 54 percent saving compared with glass door coolers (figures based on cooling 200 x 500-ml cans per day).”

V-Tex – The Microwave Cooler (1)According to reports, RapidCool has “entered formal agreements with two global, multi-billion euro companies in the fields of beverage distribution,” and is working out to start this technology in the Netherlands as well. In order to have some idea about V-Tex machine, you can have a look at the Spin Chill which is fastened to the end of the power drill.

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