Use WiFi Anywhere With GlocalMe U2

Traveling is a fun and adventurous thing to do, however, the lack of reliable Wi-Fi frustrates the travelers. Right? You want to be able to stay in touch with your friends and family when you’re out traveling and exploring new places. That is where uCloudlink Network Technology Company comes in with its amazing new gadget, GlocalMe U2. The company is based in Hong Kong and says that it wants to offer customers a ‘simple and affordable WiFi hotspot that would give people the freedom of international travelling.’GlocalMe U2

The gadget allows you to roam free without having to worry about Internet connectivity. No longer do you have to remain tethered to a coffee shop owing to shop’s free Wi-Fi. The gadget is about the size of a mobile phone. It is capable of allowing 5 devices to connect to it simultaneously. It does so without using a SIM card and offers speed as high as 4G.GlocalMe U2

The goal behind uCloudlink creating GlocalMe U2 is to reduce the roaming costs as much as possible while traveling abroad. The Cloud SIM technology allows people to travel more freely without requiring a SIM card. If 4G signal is not available in a particular location, the device automatically connects to the next fastest and stable network that is available.GlocalMe U2

If you’re one of those who would feel more comfortable with a SIM; don’t worry. The GlocalMe U2 unit comes equipped with two slots for SIMs. One can house a regular SIM card while the other can cater to a micro SIM for local data.GlocalMe U2

You even have the freedom for customizing the data packages according to your travel schedule. This enables customers to pay for the exact amount of data used in each location. If you’re not sure about where you will be staying and for how long; get a worldwide plan that covers 106 countries for a year at $32 price tag.GlocalMe U2

The device comes with its companion app that enables customers to manage the data usage and make purchases of various packages and have other information available to them all the time. Everything is uploaded directly to the app thus relieving you of going through paper bills once you return to home. With four days still left on the campaign at IndieGoGo, GlocalMe U2 has raised over 500% of its intended target.

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