USA Elections 2016 Concluded – Donald Trump Is The New President

We all have been following the USA election campaign leading up to this day. We’ve seen the email propaganda and have heard cries of build a wall countless times over the television. The results are finally in for the USA Elections 2016 and we can’t resist saying that it is ‘fantastic’ and as promised; it has been ‘huge’. However, look at the following GIF to breathe and calm down before you scroll to the result. usa-elections-2016

The winner of the 2016 Presidential election in US is Donald Trump. Republicans have won majority in the US House and the US Senate.usa-elections-2016-9


Yes, after all the drama and suspense the winner has been announced and much to the opposition’s surprise the winner is Donald Trump.

usa-elections-2016-5USA Elections 2016 campaign has so far been the most interesting and bizarre election campaign ever. However, what remains to be seen is how does the winner, Donald Trump , handle the USA now and is the United States of America headed towards a better future or a darker place. Where’s Obama when you need him? usa-elections-2016-8

Another important update for today is the fact that the Canadian immigration has been down (Nice move, Canada)!usa-elections-2016-2 Yes, for all those who are willing to settle outside of USA in Canada; you’re stuck. Best of luck! Also, get ready for the memes folks. Yes, tons of memes are about to hit the Internet today and we advise you to go through them with the intent of having a laugh.

Finally, following the USA Elections 2016 it is time to wish America luck; Time to become great again.

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