UCO Stormproof Matches Will Continue To Burn After Being Placed in Dirt or Water

Being able to reliable start a fire is always pleasant and sometime essential.  A company based in Washington has created UCO Stormproof Matches.  These matches are easy to light, and will stay lit for up to 15 seconds (which is 3 times as long as other ‘windproof’ matches), even after being submerged in water!

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The UCO Stormproof Matches are perfect for camping, emergency kits, and basically if you’re out in the wilderness, every 10 Essentials check list should have this.  Each box contains 25 matches and spare strikers.  The company has put the matches through extensive tests to make sure the matches kept burning under all circumstances.    In survival situations, this could be absolutely vital.  You can use the matches for cooking, keeping warm, or making signal fires.  The UCO Stormproof Match case is also waterproof and even if your match gets wet it can still ignite if you dry it off first.

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The UCO Stormproof Matches are made using an incredibly tough coating that remains burning no matter what.  Once they burn out, they start burning again once they come into contact with oxygen.  The product specialist at Industrial Revolution which owns Utility, Comfort and Originality (UCO), Eric Moe has enlightened us as to how this works.  He says, “The match sticks are dipped into our coating, which keeps smouldering even underwater, then reignites once exposed to oxygen.  Essentially, you aren’t burning the match stick, but burning the coating on the stick.  We have drenched them in buckets, buried them in mud, and blown them with a compressed air hose.  In all cases the flame keeps burning.  The matches will still ignite if they get wet, and they are quite impact resistant.”

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Moe also says that standard matches have little resistance to harsh elements.  Other devices that are used to light a fire are not always reliable.  “Lighters can fail at high altitudes, or if wet.  UCO Stormproof Matches address these problems and ensures a source of fire.  When you’re in an unfamiliar territory, stuck, these matches could be your only hope, your only source of fire which will be vital for survival.

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“Whether you’re in a snowstorm, rainstorm or wind storm, the UCO Stormproof Matches will offer heat and light.  Everything is more challenging when you’re cold and wet, and it is crucial to have reliable equipment.”

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