Turn an Ice-Cube Tray into a Multi-Purpose Household Utility!

God Bless the guy who came up with the idea of Ice Cube Trays!

Ice Cube Tray Use Ideas (101)

Yes, these babies give us the ultra-chilled cocktails in scorching summers; but did you know you could use the same ice cube trays for a hoard of other things around your place?!

Me neither!

But here’s some inspiration for all of us! Ice cube trays can make our lives SO much easier in these 10 ways. And they look pretty too!

10. Preserve Herbs in Olive Oil

Ice Cube Tray Use Ideas (111)

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This method is great for preserving hard herbs that are going to be used in cooked dishes. Preserve rosemary, sage, thyme, and oregano etc!

9. Chocolate Ice Cubes for Vanilla Milk

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Freeze melted chocolate in cubes and use with milk – instant treat!

8. Bite Sized Sushi

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Not a great Chef? Simply pour little portions into an ice cube tray and Viola! Sushi Bites.

7. Wine Cubes

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Freeze leftover wine into cubes. Use in cooking, cocktails or chill a glass of water with added kick!

6. Tomato Puree in Small Portions

Ice Cube Tray Use Ideas (5)

For the days you have to cook just for yourself. Say good-bye to the hassle of defrosting a whole batch just for One! Use these cube sized portion for your plate of Penne Arrabiata.

5. Freeze Buttermilk in Tablespoons Sized Portions

Ice Cube Tray Use Ideas (9)

You don’t have to worry about buttermilk going bad again! Freeze into Tbsp portions and use whenever you need it!

4. Fruit Popsicles

Ice Cube Tray Use Ideas (6)

This one is for the weight watchers! Freeze mini portions of fruit in cocktail for the occasional craving.

3. Blueberry Martini Jello Shots

Ice Cube Tray Use Ideas (2)

That says it all!

2. Baby Food

Ice Cube Tray Use Ideas (4)

It may not be easy to make baby food every other hour, but the store bought alternatives are high in preservatives that you’d want your baby to avoid. Freeze home-made baby food in little portions and use whenever you need.

1. Portion Sized Cookie Dough

Ice Cube Tray Use Ideas (7)

This way you can bake equal sized cookies every time! Or gobble it all up, whatever suits you.

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