Turkish Artist Remakes Van Gogh Painting On Water’s Surface Using An Ancient Technique

Garip Ay, a Turkish artist, makes use of the ancient Ebru technique for the remaking of the renowned Van Gogh painting on the surface of water. At times, his masterpieces only last a few moments, but even then they leave an absolutely lifelong impact.

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Lately, a video has gone viral which depicts how Garip Ay starts his innovative process by stirring together black dye and carrageenan, a thickening agent, into a bowl of water. After this, he lets go of several oil colors and uses a metal rod to manipulate the paint into Van Gogh’s Starry Night. As soon as the masterpiece is finished, he makes it go away by a mere rod and embarks on another remarkable piece, the Dutch artist’s best-known self-portrait. This piece is just as intricate as its first endeavor. However, this time the Garip Ay sets down a piece of paper on the water to transfer the painting to the paper in order to get a permanent copy of the artwork. This inspiring video has more than 26 million viewers until now. Check it out.

Garip Ay, a 31 year old Turkish artist, learned fine arts at a high school in his home town of Diyarbakir and graduated with a degree in Traditional Turkish Arts from the Mimar Sinan University in Istanbul. Since then, he has turned into one of the most well-known Ebru artists and has held several exhibitions, workshops and seminars across the world, from his native Turkey, to Scandinavia and the United States. His efforts have been introduced in music videos as well as TV shows and his artistic skills have turned out to be the topic of a television documentary.

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Concerning his latest work, Ay said that it was one of the most stimulating projects he has done so far as he had to work on black water and yet it only took him 20 minutes to finish this project. Well, that speaks a lot about his talent.

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The Turkish artist while talking about his next projects told CNN:

“I want to do more to pay homage to the great artists who have inspired me and whose vision I feel I understand, just as I have done with my recent tribute to Van Gogh.”

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Hence, we can look forward to more incredible water paintings soon. Make sure you keep an eye on his Facebook page as he posts his videos there on a regular basis.

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