Try Your Luck At Win A Millionaire Mansion Competition

Do you consider yourself lucky? If so, then Win A Millionaire Mansion Competition is for you. By investing £10.50 you can actually, by the stroke of luck, become the owner of an English mansion located in Devon along with a Rolls-Royce. The list doesn’t stop there folks. You also get £50,000 in cash. The mansion has all sorts of goodies including a 3-hole golf course, fully stocked wine cellar, tractor and the whole house staff for an entire year. The competition has been launched by an actual English millionaire who wishes to remain anonymous.Try Your Luck At Win A Millionaire Mansion Competition

Why Is The Owner Selling It?

The idea is to generate some profit while having some fun. According to the owner, “We’ve had some wonderful times in the house, which we designed and built ourselves. However, we have two grandchildren who live four-hour drive away and we want to be closer to them. We thought that selling the house through a competition would be a fun thing to do and would mean we could raise money for some of our favourite charities. We don’t want the hassle of moving everything out. We just want to walk out with our clothes, personal possessions and family photos. That also means the winner has a ready-made home to walk into.”Try Your Luck At Win A Millionaire Mansion Competition

The Mansion

The mansion is located near Tiverton in Devon and was built in the early 1990s by businessman and his wife. The mansion has never been up for sale prior to this competition. The mansion is amazing and sports 4 bedrooms, a drawing room, a bar room, a dining room, a kitchen cum breakfast room and a library. The terrace features a covered barbecue area with steps that lead to extensive lawns. The property also comes with ponds, 10-acre garden, a leisure complex with a pool and a gym, a golf course, a granny flat, barns and a summer house.Try Your Luck At Win A Millionaire Mansion Competition

How Do You Enter Win A Millionaire Mansion Competition?

All of this can be yours by spending only £10.50 and answering a simple question in order to enter the competition. A website has been set up for this occasion. Even if you don’t walk away with the first prize, you might be among the top 9 runners up who will each be getting £10,000. The competition will run till 30th November, 2018. The homeowner is looking forward to sell about 500,000 tickets worth £5.25 million. The winner will be earning a prize worth £3 million and a number of charities will also be given. Sellers will be donating £2 from every ticket. If the desired number of tickets isn’t reached the winner won’t get the house but rather the alternative prize worth the amount raised from ticket sales.Try Your Luck At Win A Millionaire Mansion Competition

The competition will run until November 30, 2018 and the homeowner hopes to peddle 500,000 tickets, which amounts to proceeds of £5.25 million. The lucky winner is expected to snatch a prize worth some £3 million and several charities will also score: the sellers will donate £2 from every ticket. But what if they can’t sell all of them? In that case, the winner won’t get the house but an alternative prize whose value equals that of the amount raised from ticket sales.

You can find out more at this website.

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