Transform Any Wine Bottle Into Your Wine Glass Via Guzzle Buddy

Pliny the Elder once said, “In vino veritas (In wine is truth)”. Similar to the Guzzle Buddy, transformation of a wine bottle into a huge wine glass is significantly more lyrical (well maybe not?).

It is safe to say that you are worn out on always refilling your wine glass at a friend’s home. Wouldn’t you rather simply drink from the bottle? Drinking directly from your own particular bottle is somewhat more socially adequate with the Guzzle Buddy. It has precisely the same appearance as an ordinary wine glass with a stopper at the base rather than a stem. All you need to do is simply put the Guzzle Buddy in the highest point of your bottle to seal it, and drink up.

Furthermore, there was an episode of “Cougar Town” specifying this exact innovation. We have no clue which one started things out or if the scene was basically collaboration with the real Guzzle Buddy.

In addition to offering a trouble-free and helpful strategy for “auto” refilling your wine glass, this gadget also diminishes your odds of injury. So, you don’t need to stress over anguish from “wine wrist” anymore. Wine wrist is a worldwide issue for all wine lovers, why risk harming your wrist by twisting your wrists constantly. You have been cautioned! You additionally won’t have to sit tight for the wine to circulate air through in a decanter.

According to GuzzleBuddy,

“As the wine moves through the stem and into the glass it is gently aerated which acts to release the aromas and flavours of the wine. It allows you to aerate, pour and drink in one easy step!”

The historical backdrop of our species is intensely based on liquor and labor saving. Wine is one of the most established alcoholic beverages at any point created by mankind. Some of the most primitive proof of wine usage dates to Georgia around “8000 years” ago with the earliest archeological evidence around “7000 BC” in China. Exceptionally old fermenting wine caskets have been dated to this time.

In Iran, about “7000 years ago” old wine was found and the most ancient known winery, “Areni-1”, seems to have been constructed “6100 years” back in the Republic of Armenia. Generally, the wine utilization spread to the Balkans and Europe by around “4500 BC”.

Transform Any Wine Bottle Into Your Wine Glass Via Guzzle Buddy

There are different advantages to your wellbeing by reasonable use of wine besides being a pleasurable experience for the most part, within reason. Wine enhances your mind-set and can build your general joy; it decreases uneasiness and stress, self-confidence and creates a mellow euphoric feeling. Likewise, wine consumption relaxes muscular disposition and enhances sociability. Obviously, toasting abundance is less advantageous to your wellbeing and bank balance.

Now, the question is how to use your new Guzzle Buddy. Although, it’s really plain as day yet for the sake of comprehensiveness, we’ll give you a little outline.

First of all, select your most preferred wine which is a generally perplexing and individual matter. Does it sound simple? For some maybe, for others this is as mind boggling as arranging an attack of France. Some take quite a long while, many bottles of wine and a wine journal to make sense of this. In any case, once you’ve picked, open that terrible kid and prepare for the fun bit.

Set your Guzzle Buddy free if not unpacked already. Next, insert the device into the top of the wine bottle by specifically screwing into the highest point of the bottle. Tilt the wine bottle and have fun drinking right from the bottle through a wine glass.

Transform Any Wine Bottle Into Your Wine Glass Via Guzzle Buddy

Last but not the least, absorb the grandness of your picked wine and the looks of envy from your companions (or maybe despise). And no need to worry about the chaos from spillages while pouring. However, this totally relies upon your level of drinking competency and general level of awkwardness/inebriation.

You must take this in notice that most delicate wine glasses the Guzzle Buddy ought to be hand washed just to keep it from breaking. The glass itself is made of solid borosilicate glass and 100% silicone which fits safely and is airtight. It additionally makes an incredible present for your friends and family.

GuzzleBuddy stated; “Great for weddings, brides and grooms, bachelorette parties, house warming, kitchen gift, birthday, anniversary or when you are just too dang lazy to get off the sofa and go pour another glass!”

Transform Any Wine Bottle Into Your Wine Glass Via Guzzle Buddy

The product has been extremely generally welcomed despite being a novelty item. An average rating of “4.5/5” stars on from client reviews has been accomplished by this product. The item has different product testimonials on blogs, websites and forums which you might need to examine before purchase.

Every last glass comes carefully packed in an amazing vintage styled cardboard container. The glasses run 6.5 x 4.6 x 4.5 inches, which is ideal for drinking your most loved rose wine. You can turn into envy of every one of your companions by just $25 in addition to delivery.

The easiest approach to get one of these is via company’s website “”. So, get out there and snatch yourself one before you squander any more time decanting, pouring and refilling your customary wine glasses.

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