Tracking Everyone In The Family Just Got Easier With NEST Products

Nest has a wide variety of products that automate your home.  With each new product, they’re getting better.  Nest Family Accounts and Home/Away Assist are new products from Nest which will help make you home easier to control and automate.

nest product functionality 3

The Nest thermostat, Nest Protect smoke alarm, and the Nest Cam are also updated Nest products out in the market.  Family Accounts is a cool addition which allow up to 10 people to access the Nest products in a home.  Individual users can be added or removed from a Family Account via the Nest app, so each person can access and control Nest products themselves using their own account.  This way you don’t have to share login details or passwords, there’s one master account.

nest product functionality 4

The Home/Away functionality is set up to automatically identify whether anyone is home or not.  It uses geofencing to track a user’s phone and detect whether or not they are within a given distance of their home.  Combined with the Family Account functionality and Nest thermostat any family members within the geofenced area will be accounted for.  These gadgets gather data from activity sensors in its devices, which help identify whether people are at home, and algorithms that learn the typical rhythm of a household.

nest product functionality 2

Before a home can take care of you or your family, it needs to know one thing: Are you there, or not?  Nest products take care of that part of the equation.  When the products know if you’re home or away, they can do the right thing automatically, like turn the heat up or down, turn the lights on or off.  “By combining sensor data, algorithms and multiple phones, we think we’ve nailed it” says the company.

Nest takes privacy seriously.  Nest doesn’t track where you go, it only needs to know if you’re home or not.  The company keeps your information safe and secure by encrypting connections and staying up to date.  When you add more Nest products to your home, they can automatically work together, and you can control them all from one place: the Nest app.


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