Top 5 highest paid Hollywood actresses.

2013 had been kind on many specially to people in Hollywood. We previously wrote an article about the sacks of money that male actors in Hollywood took home. In today’s article we will put the spot light on female actors in Hollywood who bagged some serious cash. Here is the list.

5. Charlize Theron: ($18 million)


Charlize Theron



“Young Adult” did not do much business but it gave Charlize the buzz she never had before. She also appeared in “Snow White and the Huntsmen” and “Prometheus”. Not to mention it never hurts being the profile face of Dior.


4. Angelina Jolie: ($20 million)

Angelina Jolie


Although she has not appeared in a top movie lately yet she earns top dollars through endorsements and other deals. Jolie managed to appear on the cover of over 70 magazines between May 2011 and 2012 and has deals with top brand like Louis Vuitton.


3. Sandra Bullock: ($25 million)

Sandra Bullock


“Extremely loud and incredibly close” was not as big of a hit as compared to the movie “Blind Side” but still Bullock managed to make loads of money.  Bullock got plenty of attention this year away from the big screen for her outings with her young son, Louis.


2. Cameron Diaz: ($34 million)

Cameron DIaz


Diaz made a smart move by taking less fee and  more of a share in the profits of the film “Bad teacher” which turned out to be a massive hit earning over $216 million on a tiny budget of $20 million. This allowed Diaz to make $34 million dollars.


1. Kristen Stewart: ($35.5 million)

Kristen Stewart


Kristen sits at the top of the list earning a whopping $34.5 million. Most of the earnings are from the “Twilight” series but she also earned a lot by starring into Snow White and the Huntsmen. It is pretty impressive that she earned this much given that she is only 23 years old and can be considered a novice if compared to other polished actresses in the list (relatively speaking, she has been active since 1999).


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