Top 20 Cleaning Gadgets You Absolutely Must Have

Must. Curb. OCD.

There are quite a few people who need everything crisp and clean all the time. But super cleaning can be a hard job to manage. Cleaning takes considerable time, effort, and consistency. That is exactly why it needs to be easy and quick. So you don’t have the energy to clean your keyboard every week but cannot even look at it if it isn’t done? Or you just can’t reach the little speck of dust stuck in corner behind your sofa; here is a list of a few cool, but weird, cleaning gadgets that you’ll absolutely want to get your hands on!

For one, Sheldon Cooper will definitely love all of these!

20. Spaghetti Sponges

Weird Cleaners (19)

Equipped with natural (peach and corn) abrasives, this sponge doesn’t need detergent and can scrub the most resilient of leftover food splotches.

19. Toothpaste Dispensing Toothbrush

Weird Cleaners (12)

Who wants to pick up a tooth paste tube to put tooth paste on the tooth brush so early in the morning? This one is for the not-a-morning-person lazy bum.

18. Screen Cleaning Robot

Weird Cleaners (3)


This little robot wipes away all the dirt and grease from your screens while you sit back and relax. No more worrying about leaving the last annoying streak; this baby’s got it!

17. Magnetic Bottleneck Cleaner

Weird Cleaners (9)

For hard to clean, narrow necked bottles that mock you with the dust amalgamation in that ONE nook – No more! This magnetic sponge makes it easy to maneuver from the outside and clean from the inside.

16. Bruno, The Smart Can

Weird Cleaners (7)

This trash can is a vacuum cleaner – vacuum with this and trash ends up straight in the can. No need to touch the yuck.

15. Baby Mop

Weird Cleaners (2)

Baby’s have a knack for ending up where the muck is. Too many mothers know the pain of a ruined onesie. Unless its a mop! This baby dress is a one fine mop. So let your baby run wild – and clean.

14. Weighted Sponge

Weird Cleaners (18)

This bean shaped weighted sponge stuffed with alumina ceramic balls makes cleaning narrow mouthed bottles easier.

13. Soap Infused Sponge

Weird Cleaners (17)

This one is for the pets – a soap infused Dog Fashion Spa sponge. When you begin to bathe your dog, it lathers up itself and save all your hands for handling the bath.

12. Remote Controlled Mop

Weird Cleaners (1)

This remote controlled mop lets you clean from the comfort of your bed. Reach every corner in style.

11. Microfiber Blanket

Weird Cleaners (8)

A blanket is very handy to clean screens – or glasses – while you are snuggled in bed, but it rarely works. This micro fiber blanket solves that very problem.

10. Microfiber Tie

Weird Cleaners (5)

.. for when you are on the move, a tie can work just as well.

9. Camera Cleaning Phone Cover

Weird Cleaners (20)

This phone protector comes with an eye-patch for you camera that not only provides privacy, it cleans your camera lens as well.

8. Broom Comb Dust Pan

Weird Cleaners (14)

This dust pan is fitted with a broom comb. No longer would you need to use your hands to clean the broom.

7. Cleaning Solution Dispenser

Weird Cleaners (6)

Just one touch and you’re ready for kitchen cleaning!

6. Gas Hob Protectors

Weird Cleaners (4)

These non-stick gas hob protectors are easy to clean, reusable and keep the stove clean!

5. Mouthguard cum Brush

Weird Cleaners (11)

This super weird mouth guard brushes your teeth – wear, bite, grind, and you’re done.

4. Keyboard Slime Sponge

Weird Cleaners (13)

This slime sponge picks up dust from the keyboard, and can be used for other areas too – think drawers, door knobs, air vents, window sills, kitchen appliances, remote controls, telephones, DVD players, CD players, games consoles, entertainment speakers, fans, what not!

3. Easy Trash Can

Weird Cleaners (10)

For when stocking the trash can with grocery bags becomes difficult- this trash can is shaped just for that. It can also be used to stock grocery bags easily.

2. Cutlery Scrubber

Weird Cleaners (15)

Sticks to the side of the sink and cleans in one dip!

1. Toilet Bowl Cleaner’s Cleaner (Errr.)

Weird Cleaners (16)

And lastly.. The dip san toilet bowl brush holder that cleans the brush – because you there’s no such thing as too much cleaning.

What do you think of these gadgets? Let us know in the comment section below!

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