Top 10 Moments From The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

Jimmy Fallon took over The Tonight Show a couple of years ago and at first, everyone was skeptical about how successful he would be in replacing the great Jay Leno. However, he has been more than successful with his new amazing games and funny moments with celebrities with his own unique style. There are tons of amazing and funny moments in his show and here is a Top 10 of some of them. Enjoy!

10. Jimmy Blew a Chance to Date Nicole Kidman

It turns out that there was once a time in which Nicole Kidman was interested in dating Jimmy but apparently Jimmy blew out his chance by showing no interest at all.

9. Jimmy and Bradley Cooper Cannot Stop Laughing

This hilarious episode in which Jimmy and Bradley Cooper cannot stop laughing while discussing his upcoming stint The Elephant Man.

8. Hashtag with Jonah Hill and Justin Timberlake

Jimmy takes a dig at how people use hashtags first with Justin Timberlake and then with Jonah Hill and the results are hilarious.

7. Steve Harvey on the Tonight Show

Steve Harvey came on the Tonight Show and conducted special editions of Family Feud that were very hilarious.

6. Some Amazing Game Moments

Here are some of the funniest games and moments from the Tonight Show, including Charades, Pictionary, Phone Booth, Box of Lies and Slap Jack.

5. Lip Sync Battle with Ellen DeGeneres and Emma Stone

Jimmy has got into some very epic lip sync battles over the years but the ones with Ellen and Emma Stone are our favorites.

4. Morgan Freeman on Helium

The caption says it all.

3. Evolution of Dance with Michelle Obama and Will Smith

Evolution of different types of dances is another one of Jimmy’s game and Michelle Obama stole the show while showing the evolution of mom dance and Will Smith did it while showing the evolution of hip hop.

2. Rap History with Justin Timberlake

This very famous part of the show comes in at a close second in which Jimmy and Justin Timberlake recreate great rap songs of years gone by.

1. Barrack Obama on The Tonight Show

The President came on this show more than once and totally stole it. Take a look.

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