Time travel in the World of Dinosaurs!

Time travel in the World of Dinosaurs!

Who would have known that to get a chance to actually see and experience the world of Dinosaurs is not just restricted to Jurasic Park, the Movie? There truly exists a Real life Jurassic Park and it is a must visit place for everyone who gets a chance to visit Australia.


Australians have remarkably outdone themselves by building this amazing Jurassic Park called the Palmersaurus Dinosaur Park. It was the effort of the Australian gazillionaire Clive Palmer to have built the absolutely fascinating park located at the Palmer Coolum Resort in Australia.


It has a total of 160 dinosaurs run on animatronics, they move, they roar, they blink, they walk and talk and God knows what but they are freaking awesome! Their size ranges from 8 feet to 72 feet in length and 33 feet tall in height, just as real dinosaurs are assumed to be. The park includes all the various kinds of the usual favorite dinosaurs like the mighty and vicious Tyrannosaurus Rex, Triceratops, Velociraptors and Brachiosaurus, and the not so commonly known like the Demetrodons and an Ankylosaur. Not just that they stay put on the ground but some varieties that actually flew actually fly here too! Imagining the Pterodactylus are flying in the sky is just mind boggling- will definitely have to check it out!



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