Tiko Is An Affordable and Unibody 3D Printer

A group of entrepreneurs have created Tiko, a Unibody 3D printer that is a budget printer – costing just $179 to its Kickstarter backers, the printer promises to be a “..printer unlike any before it.”

Tiko 3D (1)

This 3D printer is a 390 x 221 x 237 mm, 1.7 kg (not including the filament spool), unibody design which has a total print volume of 2.27 liters with a layer resolution as fine as 50 microns and it prints object larger than any other 3D printer of its size can print.

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Tiko has been designed precisely to maintain quality of 3D prints while minimizing the costs as much as possible. This is how the team came up with the Unibody design that allows minimal callibration.

The frame in most 3D printers is the most expensive component, made up of multiple beams that need regular alignment setting to ensure precise printing. Eliminating this very feature and designing a reliabe Unibody has given Tiko its edge. In Tiko, the beams are pre-aligned on the inside of the frame. As the creators phrase it, “A unibody chassis. Strong, lightweight, virtually impossible to misalign..”

Tiko 3D (1)

Tiko makes use of a low-part-count delta (parallel arm) mechanism to create prints, uses custom made electronic components, a small heat-insulating titanium nozzle, a liquefier that extrudes PLA plastic without active cooling and heat vents that minimize noise.

Tiko (12)

Tiko has been designed to minimize any danger to the printing process. It has an onboard accelerometer which calibrates the printer in addition to its safety operations – halting the printing process if the device is disturbed.

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Tiko can support different kinds of filaments. It works with any material, and supports 1.75mm filament on a standard 1kg 165mm (6.5 in.) diameter spool. The filament can be inserted by removing the top of the printer. The base is flexible and detachable.

Tiko is equipped with Wi-Fi connectivity. It can double as a Wi-Fi access point apart from cloud connectivity so you could operate it remotely.

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The Kickstarter campaign has taken the crowd by storm, and already boasts a backing of $1,334,103 off its $100,000 goal. It is expected to hit the shelves by November 2015 with improved design and making.

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