Tick Tock Tick Tock, Creative Clocks at their Best!

Consummately shaped, timeless and unconventional: these attributes characterise the following five  exclusive portfolio of clocks we’re about to present to you.  Wall clocks we will present to you today have some special feature: fancy shapes, weird numbers, an intelligent mechanism or they are the result of a state of the art fabrication process.

365 Knitting Clock

clocks8 clocks9

Siren Elise Wilhelmsen is a Norwegian product designer based between Bergen and Berlin.  She produces objects that challenge the concept of traditional functionality and transform natural materials into intricate mechanical objects.  Through her practice she seeks to find “a conceptual way to stimulate ideas and discussions around our everyday objects, rituals and culture.  In this case it’s a clock that demonstrates the passage of time by mechanically knitting a scarf throughout the year, creating a unique piece of apparel at the end of the process.

Zweigwerk by Nwitkiewicz


Irina Nina Nwitkiewicz is an interdisciplinary product designer in Berlin.  She created the ‘Zweigwerk Clock’ featuring tender branches in a brass mount that dance for hours and hours on the branch clock.  They vibrate and tremble, intersect and separate again.

Manifold Clock

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Time repeats itself, yet it is ever changing.  The Manifold Clock is aimed to emphasize exactly this property of time – ever changing yet remaining the same.  The clock’s hands are connected with a a piece of flexible sheet to create 3D movement.  The clock creates a new reading method of form that changes every minute.

A Million Times

clocks1 clocks2

Developed by Stockholm-based, Humans since 1982, “A Million Times” is a clock that is made from 288 special two handed analogue clocks- powered by 576 electrical engines to drive the minute and hour hands independently, which collectively create a giant display which visually expresses the time digitally.  The natural characteristics of its two arms constantly dance in slow motion around the center – unveiling hidden figurative qualities without denying its primary purpose.

‘The Present’ Tracks the Season

clocks5 clocks6

Filmaker and inventor at the Brooklyn-based creative agency m ss ng p eces (yes, that’s actually how they spell it”),Scott Thrift, wanted to make sure our lives don’t pass up by, so he created ‘The Present’, a clock that doesn’t only tell the time.  The clock’s face takes an entire year to make one revolution.  Thrift felt that a new way of keeping track of time was necessary – one that could let us see individual moments as more than the sum of their parts.

‘The Present’s’ prismatic color scheme was carefully designed to tell the story of the seasons using subtle gradients of pure color to mark the Equinoxes & Solstices throughout the years.  It’s all about us to experience time as a natural, not to stress out about having too little or too much time.


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