This Tiny Ball Does More To Help You Sleep Than Anything Else

Some of us have trouble sleeping. Sometimes, it is just minor disturbances or our mental issues that keep us from sleeping while sometimes, it is something more serious like a medical disorder like insomnia. A bad night’s sleep can have a very adverse effect on the coming day, with lethargy taking over and we being unable to focus on the task at hand. Therefore, it is absolutely necessary to get up to 8 hours of regular sleep daily if we want to keep our bodies healthy.

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To help us achieve this and monitor our sleeping progress, a San Francisco based startup called Hello have developed a sleeping companion by the name of Sense. It is essentially a small ball that can rest on your side table or on the floor beside your bed. It can even hang over you as you sleep. The basic aim of Sense is to monitor your movement during your sleep and determine how well you slept.

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To do this, Sense also comes with a small Sleep Pill, which is not actually a pill to be swallowed. It is simply attached to your pillow so it can better track your head position and movement and determine if you are asleep or not. Single Sense ball can be connected with two Sleep Pills, for you and your partner, which makes their accuracy rise as well. The Pills don’t have to be recharged and come with a replaceable battery that lasts for a year.

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When you turn off the lights and go to bed, the Sense lights up in one of the three colors depending on the condition of the place you’re sleeping in. Red means that the conditions are poor, yellow means that there is something not quite right while green depicts perfect conditions for sleeping.

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The Sense app on your smartphone or tablet also lets you know what qualities are lacking from your sleeping place. It monitors temperature, humidity, lighting and air quality among other things and rates it accordingly. You can adjust the relevant thing once you get to know what’s lacking.

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Each morning, you are treated to your sleep analysis. The analysis includes the time when you went to bed, the time you presumably fell asleep, the hours of deep sleep and the time you woke up. It also monitors any noise disturbances during your sleep. Based on this, the app rates your sleeping patterns and gives you a Sleep Score. The higher the score, the better your sleep is apparently. You can keep track of your Sleep Score over the week and see how well you slept on which day.

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The ultimate goal of all this knowledge is to make adjustments to your habits and environment to help you sleep better. Sense also works as an alarm clock and can wake you up during the lightest part of your sleep so you feel more refreshed.

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There are some areas where the Sense can improve, like Sense cannot account for daytime naps, but CEO of Hello, James Proud, says that it is something they will correct in the future. He insists that the company is committed to making Sense better but only add a thing when they are certain of it because when Sense makes a claim, they want it to be right. That is why the recent update allowed Sense to distinguish between noise disturbances and actual wake ups.

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Sense costs $129 and comes with one Sense ball and one Sleep Pill. You can buy it on Hello’s website. If you have trouble sleeping, we recommend that you give Sense a go.

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