This Studio Recreates Kids’ Drawings Into Jewelry

Kids often draw the most adorable things that just give us a glimpse of their imagination and what goes on in their heads. I Plug Design Studios is taking this to the new level by immortalizing some special drawings that your kid draws for you. They create custom jewelry from photos that you send them. The designers are careful to replicate every detail as the final products end up looking exactly like the original. These are perfect for parents who want to show their kids just how much they love them.

kids drawing jewelry 1

The next time your child draws on the wall, make sure to take a photo and get a custom made necklace of it. The works of art become so much more personal and meaningful when they are representative of something a loved one has drawn for you. Just take a look at the owl below.

kids drawing jewelry 3

kids drawing jewelry 2

The studio doesn’t only do necklaces though. You can get all sort of custom pieces made by ordering them. You can even choose between gold and silver material that ultimately decides the final price. The minimum costs $100 while you can take it up as much as you want. This is certainly going to produce an aww moment the next time you parents go on a parents get together.

kids drawing jewelry 4


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